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EMC's primary objective is to contribute in developing Your organization. We aim to be the preferred partner in a continuous development of your own image towards a growing market.

Our focus area for increased growth is knowledge. We adapt our values and business philosophy in coherence with your ambitions.

With this in mind, we customize a new strategy in coherence with your specific needs.


Our strategies are based on performance-enhanced measures, which preserve and safeguard your organizations interests while allowing growth and innovation.


For EMC, business development is about the ability to communicate with one and other in order to make room for a common ground for your interests.

It is about creating ownership, change management and transparency for our interests.


We aim to create an environment/culture within the organization, which inspire growth and innovation for leaders and employees.


We have realized - in accordance to modern management philosophies - that a strategy has to be adapted for the individual.


This involves that we, through teamwork and cooperation with management and the individual employee, wish to focus on the core values that inspire growth in the organization. This is in order to avoid creating a strategy that is impossible to implement.


We use strategy as a tool to accomplish the organizations goals, and would therefore be rendered useless if not properly implemented in the business culture.


With the correct usage of the appropriate tools and focus on core values, you will end up facilitating an environment that promotes innovation and self-development.


"Several roads lead to Rome", but the factors in which we recognize as key values for actual change are:

-   Focus on the individual

-   Communication

-   Culture

-   Structure

-   Expertise

Within this frame, lies the key to our mind-set and philosophy.

The individuals core values needs to be compiled with the organizations core values, so that the individual recognizes a reward in adapting to the organizations change processes and thereby contributing to enhanced growth in the organization.

EMC helps you and your organization to find the proper focus, so that your combined efforts will lift the organization to new heights.

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